Professional Consulting + Speaking

Work With Kari!

I am available for both professional continuing education and consulting, along with mortuary school campus visits. I consult and educate throughout the entire United States and I am also available for overseas travel. I offer hourly consulting packages, workshop facilitation, speaking engagements, and Mortuary Science program campus visit packages. All packages and rates are based on time, commitment and needs. Services include and are not limited to:

  • 1:1 Consulting or Large Group Facilitation
  • Professional and Consumer Consulting and Education
  • Mortuary Science Program Campus Visits
  • Have an additional request? Let's chat!

Additionally, I am available for product or business highlighting on a designated YouTube Video. This information is available through my Media Kit as well.

Speaking Engagements + Podcasts

When it comes to finding guests for your event or show, your first goal should be to provide something interesting to your audience. When you're a mortician and embalmer, there is always something interesting going on or to talk about!

As your speaker or podcast guest, no funeral question is off limits! I enjoy open and honest conversations and helping to cultivate change in my industry. But that doesn't mean I won't also answer some of the most common or crazy questions like awful smells, pimples on dead bodies, dumping cremated remains illegally and more!

Kari The Mortician Podcast Guest

Mortuary School Campus Visits

I have been blessed to work with multiple Mortuary Science program campuses across the United States. During my visits, I engage with the students and staff and learn about the ways each program functions. I enjoy speaking to the classes and answering questions about our profession, the work I do, my journey as a female funeral director, and sharing tips as they enter the work force. Following my visit, I highlight the campus in an edited video for my YouTube Channel, following approval from the school.

What's Included?

  • An edited video showcasing the College/University for my YouTube Channel, including interviews with staff and students and a video tour
  • One or two class presentations about general information on entering the business, or by request a more focused topic, for example on social media
  • An hour of speaking with students casually in a lounge or library setting​

Each mortuary school campus visit fee is based on location. The visit fee covers expenses for travel and for a one-day visit to the campus. Please contact Kari to inquire on the fee to visit your school.


"Working with Kari was wonderful. She is professional, organized and fun.  It is apparent from the first time you speak to her that she cares deeply for this profession and works tirelessly to educate the public.  I couldn’t be happier to recommend her."

Leili McMurrough, Program Director at Worsham

"Kari came to PIMS my last trimester of mortuary school and it was a great experience. She was one of my favorite and most informative guest speakers we had!"

Charlene Smith, PIMS Graduate

“Thank you, Kari, for your visit to CCMS. It was lovely having you back home on the campus of your alma mater! We’re grateful you had the opportunity to return. It was a lot of fun watching you create your video tour of our campus. I appreciate most, however, the time you took with our students, sharing with them the knowledge and experience you’ve had in the death care profession.  #ccmsfamily”

Wanda Mullins Lee, Clinical Director/Faculty

"Having Kari speak at CCMS and being able to spend time with her was an absolute privilege. She has so much experience in this profession and she has even more to offer as a mentor to those who are just entering. Kari’s ability to educate and to be available when you have questions or need help is unmatched. Her passion for the death care industry is so apparent and is the kind of thing every mortuary student needs to be able to witness!"

Markie Peters-Roberts, CCMS Student

"Kari came to visit Gupton Jones and was very professional, informative and engaging. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and learn from Kari."

Ja'Quayy Love, Gupton-Jones Student