About Kari the Mortician

Hi, I'm Kari The Mortician!

I have been a licensed funeral director for two decades and have worked in the funeral business for over three decades. It is truly a passion for me.

In my time licensed, I have freelanced at multiple locations and have been the on-site director at three funeral homes. I have gained a unique perspective of the business through my work in several communities and through these different businesses.

Funeral homes use varying levels of technology, personalization, and social media. I have seen so many ways to maneuver through the funeral process, from removals, paperwork, prep work, arrangements, staffing, and aftercare, from the funeral director and client perspective.

Through My Experience

With almost three decades of experience in the funeral industry, I've gained several clear beliefs.

#1 Families Need An Amazing Experience

Families need to connect to a person at the funeral home. You want a referral to "Bob Smith" at the funeral home and not just "go to Smith Funeral Home." Families do not connect to a building, they connect to contact, warmth and personality. It is "Bob Smith" who will provide that amazing experience and not the facility.

#2 Customers Do Not Know What They Do Not Know

Families with a loss do not know the questions to ask and they do not know our lingo and what is specifically means. As funeral directors, we must start with the basics with a family and not assume what they want for services and disposition. As a customer, I want you to feel empowered and prepared by the products I offer and the content I create. Knowledge is power and it allows you to trust the process when you are working with a funeral director.

#3 Every City and Town is a New Market

The needs of a family will vary from one town to the next, from one neighborhood to the next. Needs are based on cultural, religious, and traditional differences. There is nothing in the funeral business that is across the board the same in every community. We must be ready to serve the ever changing social demands and we must understand our own communities and not just what the larger companies/distributors are telling us. Definitely bring new innovations and ideas to your community but remember they may not embrace them and it is okay.

About Kari the Mortician
Kari The Mortician Skill Set

Are You Ready to Cultivate Change in Your Business?

My strongest skill sets include

  • Maintaining a low Accounts Receivable because of my comfort level in asking and getting payment from families

  • Connecting with families on a transparent level, which enables me to develop a relationship, which encourages sustainability-wherein the family calls the funeral home asking for me and is not just calling a funeral home

  • An ability to read families and knowing their wants and needs and offering services and merchandise to coincide with those needs

  • Making an incredible service experience for each family that is served, from the direct cremation to the full service family-increasing customer retention

  • Broaden offerings-allowing more sales for memorial services

  • Speaking on a customer's level with the knowledge I have obtained from communicating with so many people worldwide