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Kari The Mortician has been interviewed as a guest on several radio shows and podcasts. Below is just a few highlights. Want to book me as your next guest? Just shoot me a quick email at!

Kari The Mortician: Caskets Exploding Everywhere
Michael and Kari The Mortician (@Kari_the_mortician) talk about how bodies look after 20+ years under ground, decapitation, & explosive caskets. They dive into some new thoughts on the future of funeral service, how to make the most out of arrangements, and her huge YouTube following. Why are consumers so misinformed about our industry?

Undertaking The Podcast
We travel to Kalamazoo, Michigan to chat with Kari Northey. Kari has been educating consumers on YouTube for over two years. With over 200 videos, she has reached over 4.1 million views.

Kari The Mortician Podcast Guest

OMG! It's Kari The Mortician
A little bird told Kari The Mortician that Grant was talking about cool she was on last weeks episode and NOW she's here! Grant asks Kari your funeral questions and talk about awful smells, pimples on dead bodies, dumping cremains illegally and much more!

98 Rock: Baltimore
It’s a job dealing with something most of us wouldn’t even want to think about, but the guys’ curiosity is piqued as they welcome Kari The Mortician to the show with some details about the dead.

Movie Depression & Dance Lessons w/ Kari The Mortician
Kari The Mortician co-hosts this week's episode AND weirdly, dead bodies barely came up. This was a fun episode, THANK YOU KARI!

Talkin End of Life
Tami and Carolan discuss end of life issues with Kari Northey, a licensed funeral director with over 23 years in the funeral business. What do you do when your loved one passes away while traveling? All that and more on this podcast.

Undertaking The Podcast: Kari's Back!
Kari Northey, funeral director, embalmer, as well as producer and host of a hit YouTube channel on funeral service information, returns to the show to catch up with the guys.

The Eternal Debate Meets Kari the Mortician
Join Rach & Andy as they chat with their very first guest on The Eternal Debate, the wonderful Kari the Mortician! It’s an episode full of laughter, the dispelling of salacious mistruths and the eternal debate of is it a coffin or a casket, as well as a great Q&A with Kari were she answers our listeners’ questions.

Women's Magazine

Southwest Michigan Women's LifeStyle Magazine

Kari has written and also been featured in multiple articles, including February 2020,  "12 Unique Ways to Treasure a Loved One's Cremated Remains" and March 2020,  "What to Say When You Attend a Visitation and Funeral" through Southwest Michigan Women's LifeStyle magazine.

The Director Magazine

Every month, The Director magazine uncovers, analyzes and reports the stories that shape the funeral industry. Kari The Mortician has been featured in the magazine multiple times over the past two decades including the October 2017, "A Powerful Tool" edition and the April 2020, "The Art of Counterbalance."